One of the most common questions that I get from prospective clients is: “What is your design style?” Much as I hate to give complicated answers to simple questions, in this case it is necessary.

I design with a wide range of styles that are determined by many things such as the site and the style of the home, but most importantly, the client’s aesthetic. These three factors are the primary influencers of what design style I would take with a given garden. Just to name a few of the gardens that I have designed, they include: Mediterranean, NW native, NW contemporary/modern, woodland gardens, cottage gardens, Puget Sound Coastal and mixed borders.

I place a lot of emphasis on year round interest in the garden. Many of my clients are often pleasantly surprised by how much more beauty there new gardens have, even in our region’s often dreary, wet winter months.

I am also a huge proponent of the right-plant-right-place design philosophy. Having a beautiful, effective garden should not involve a pitched battle where you are trying desperately to make plants live where they really don’t want to be and are barely surviving. A well-designed and implemented garden should thrive and be beautiful with minimal effort to maintain it.

If you would like to speak with me about your garden, please feel free to call me any time, or I can be easily reached by filling the contact form below.


"I want you to know that G & I think that you were the best pick for the job. We think that you bring a fresh perspective & have a wonderful design sense."
VJ, Seattle

"Jason has done a wonderful job in creating a pleasant & inviting outdoor living space... He has made our garden both beautiful & functional. He did this by listening very closely to our comments & creating a garden that was to our taste. As important as his talent is his dependable & professional ethic. It is very rare to find someone who you can trust to follow through with the things you request... I have no reservation in recommending Jason Kibbey to anyone interested in creating a quality outdoor living space."
BB, Bellevue

"Jason, it is March & my garden bed you planned looks great! It is so nice to see the results of last year's work."
SS, Lake Forest Park